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Last summer, The Salvation Army Mt. Crags & Gilmore Camp hosted 1,909 campers from across Southern California, from Orange County to San Luis Obispo – many experiencing camp for the first time! Thats 1,909 deserving kids spending 5 nights, 14 meals, 5 campfires, swimming, hikes, mountain biking, crafts, electives, climbing, and more! In total, camp served 39,354 meals. We rely on your donations to provide the summer camp experience for free or at low cost for families and with you help - we can do it all again! A gift of any amount will help fulfill a child’s wish, so more dreams can be realized.

For many of the nearly 2,000 kids attending our summer camp program every year, it is a week without worrying where their family is going to sleep or if there will be enough food to eat or worrying what side of the street you’re walking on. Children in our inner city are forced to grow up too fast and The Salvation Army Summer Camp is an opportunity for these deserving boys and girls to relax and just be kids again.

The staff ensures that each camper is in a protected environment and receives direct supervision and special attention. All camp activities are supervised by trained, qualified and experienced staff, as mandated by the American Camping Association.

Children in Los Angeles urban communities are facing a number of obstacles including poverty, violence, overcrowded and failing schools, as well as temptation of drugs and illegal activities. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, youth who are supervised and involved in structured activities are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as abusing drugs & alcohol, and carrying weapons, than unengaged youth.

You can make a difference this summer by sponsoring a week of summer camp for a disadvantaged child. Your support can change a child’s summer by sponsoring a week of summer camp in Malibu Canyon. The Salvation Army’s Mt Crags & Gilmore Camp is 500 acres of wonderful wilderness with numerous camp activities. Located in the heart of Malibu Canyon, Camp Mt. Crags, Camp Gilmore and Wilderness Camp has provided a life changing summer camp experience for thousands of disadvantaged city children every summer since 1939.

From our kids...

“I love this Place!”

“Great place to rock climb.”    

“Super fun summer camps.”

“Went to camp since I was 8. Amazing life changing experience."

“I’m having the best time of my life. My counselor is so cool and fun. Thanks for sending the money.”

“Thank you for letting me come to this camp. It’s very fun. I am very glad. You’re a good person. God bless you. I’d like to write more but I have to go hiking.”

“It is really fun so far. I am learning swing dancing in the morning and “strings and things” in the afternoon. My favorite thing to do is swimming and hiking.”

We get a lot of feedback from parents that their child had such a wonderful time at camp and are hoping to attend camp again next year! The children come back home with wonderful stories and such a happy attitude.

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