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One Night is about supporting students that struggle in their daily lives because they do not have a permanent residence. Student homelessness comes in all forms. It can be their family sharing apartments with other families, maybe living in someone's garage, sleeping on a friend's couch, using a car for a home or, worst of all, sleeping on the streets.

Did you know that just in Los Angeles county more than 30,000 students face this dilemma each and every night? It impacts over 85% of all public schools including elementary, middle, high and universities.

One Night is your opportunity to support students and do something about this crisis. Your school is participating in One Night where we ask every student to register on the One Night site, set up a personal page and reach out to friends and family to support you in your effort to raise needed funds for homeless students. Along with a “kickoff” event to launch One Night, the program culminates with a commemorative event that can be; an assembly program, an after-school celebration, or an event where you commit to spend one night outside (football field, inside on the floor of the gym or in your own back yard) with only a cardboard box, blanket or sleeping bag to bring the public’s attention to the problem of youth homelessness in southern California. Additionally, you can ask those you reach out to about contacting their local representatives to address the problem of youth homelessness in your town or area. Work with your school supervisors to create an awareness campaign within your school to gain the support of fellow students to register and start a movement to fight homelessness.

Homelessness, especially for students trying to attend school, is a crisis. Let’s come together and help each other so that each student has a chance to get the education they deserve.

Today is a great day to start!

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