Why One Night?

One Night is an initiative created by The Salvation Army of Southern California to bring greater awareness to the crisis of youth homelessness in southern California and to empower students to become engaged and proactive to do something about it.

The already too high number of homeless students rises each year and represents intense challenges on these students to stay in school on a daily basis. In Los Angeles county alone there are more than 30,000 students classified as homeless; having no permanent place to call home. Mostly invisible, many homeless students are surviving by sharing an apartment with other families, living with their family in a garage, some in a car, couch "surfing" with friends or, the unthinkable, living on the streets. The Salvation Army is committed to addressing this crisis as the leading provider of support for people in need. Funds raised by One Night, a portion of which goes directly to the schools with homeless students, are directed to the support of the homeless families and youth by providing shelter, food and clothing.

The Salvation Army has many programs in place that are helping to end the cycles of poverty, abuse and neglect of children. Many Salvation Army units have “Adopt a Child” or “Adopt a Family” programs that allow for donors to directly pay for a child or family in need. Salvation Army transitional housing centers are commonly available in communities for youths and single parent families. Even better, Salvation Army transitional programs often include relevant training. So not only are they meeting their basic needs, younger residents will receive counseling and training to increase cognitive, behavioral, and psychosocial skills to help develop their education and career. Finally, many Salvation Army units offer after-school programs that help re-direct poor decisions by encouraging children to engage in healthy activities during those unsupervised hours after school.

We appreciate your support and encourage participation through local schools and their students. Click the "Register Now" button to join thousands of other schools and students committed to making a difference.

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The face of homelessness will surprise you; especially when it is a college student living in their car.

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