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Student homelessness is an epidemic in California with over 300,000 youngsters lacking some type of stable home residence. Homelessness may even be impacting the school your children attend. Isn't it time we join together to raise public awareness as well as the needed funds to help these students struggling with homelessness? By registering your company in One Night your organization can both educate your staff and employees about homelessness, and help those in need by raising the necessary funds to provide things like basic school supplies that every student needs and deserves.

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Click the "Register Now" button to begin the process. On the registration page click the button for "Team Captain" and fill in the name of your business. From there follow the simple steps to complete your business' registration. Once completed your company's page site can be customize with your organization's information, photos and company logo. It's that easy. And now your company is on its way to addressing the homeless crisis in southern California.

Students in Australia produced this video to create awareness to the youth homeless crisis in their country.

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