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2017 Sally Awards Honorees

For 130 years, The Salvation Army Southern California Division has been changing lives with the support of very special people with heroic levels of charity in their hearts.

Salvation Army volunteers, affectionately known as “Sallys” made Hollywood fall in love with The Salvation Army, whose mission, from the beginning, has been to provide social services for everyone, without discrimination.

Sixty years ago, The Salvation Army Southern California created The Sally Awards to honor these distinguished heroes. Cecil B. DeMille was the first recipient.

On September 16 this year, we will mark the 60th Anniversary of The Sally Awards, with a grand ceremony, in both presentation and heart, at the JW Marriott-L.A. Live. We invite you to join us. Come share your passion for helping others, introduce new friends and colleagues to The Salvation Army family, and most of all have a great time honoring those who join us in Doing the Most Good through our wide range of services

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