One Night: Individuals and Families

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One Night
To Be a Hero for the Homeless

When you participate in One Night you become part of the solution. In One Night you’ll show your support by raising awareness and funds to this critical issue impacting the lives of young people in your own communities. As part of "One Night" you trade one night of comfort in your own bed for a night at our “One Night” event, showing public solidarity to change a young person’s life forever. So be a Hero for the Homeless and sign up today.

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25 Nights by Major Daniel Freeman

This summer I will be embarking on a 25 night, 270 mile hike through the Sierras, including climbing the tallest mountain in the 48 States – Mount Whitney. I am doing this impart to highlight the homelessness crisis that we have in Southern California and raise to funds to help make a difference.  

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The Salvation Army exists to meet every human need wherever, whenever and however we can. If you need assistance for shelter, clothing, or whatever need you may have, please contact the Salvation Army Corps closest to you.


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