Campfire Kettle: Send a Kid to Camp!

Join us on June 5, 2017

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Campfire Kettle: Send a Kid to Camp!

Make a difference to last a lifetime.

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One in four children in the greater Los Angeles area live in poverty. As a result, too many kids in this city grow up with some harsh realities, ranging from a lack of adequate housing, regular daily meals or a safe environment. When school lets out this summer, many bright young students may not have the resources to simply go out and play and have fun.

Camp is a respite for the kids who need it most, where they can be nurtured, encouraged, and put on a positive path -- a safe place to make lasting friendships with kids from all different walks of life, letting these diverse experiences help shape their minds and hearts.

Now you have the chance to help a child who, without your support, may never get to have the summer camp experience. When you support The Salvation Army’s Campfire Kettle and Send a Kid to Camp, you won’t just be providing an underserved child a week in the great outdoors in Malibu Canyon - you may be changing a life forever!

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