Youth homelessness in Los Angeles is a crisis. Did you know that California has more than 300,000 homeless students which is more than any other state in the nation? Los Angeles County sees 5,000 homeless youth unaccompanied without any real shelter on any given night.

That's why my organization joined One Night to bring greater attention to the crisis of homeless youths and to raise needed funds to help those kids with basic needs like school supplies, meals and a place to study. It's time that our public officials addressed this crisis to help homeless kids who are victims through no fault of their own. Providing youth shelters - a place to sleep, have a warm meal and access to basic hygiene supplies including clean clothes is not too much to ask for a 15 year old trying to attend school on their own. 

In the meantime, my organization is trying to fill some of these basic needs but I need your help. Please make a donation today so we can purchase things like a backpack, school supplies or a warm meal. For those of us more fortunate our kids can take for granted that they have a roof over their head, a place to study and a hot shower and a meal before attending school. So join me and to bring an end to the crisis of homeless students in southern California. Make a donation now!

Thank you for your support.


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